The six impossibilities of art

We live in a world run by money. Money addicts. Money gods.


We kill ourselves working… only to die.

But what happens in between? Can Art have an impact?

Art elevates all things.  Be it for a brief 10 seconds or an entire life altered.

Sadly, the world has forgotten about the importance of art.

What if Art could save the world?

One…altered life…at…a…time

Art is a universal language. Love. Hate. Despair. Shock. Captivation. Obsession.

It translates what words cannot express. The human soul. The art of living.

I firmly believe that when art generates a reaction, the entire universe reacts.


The importance of art and collaboration of artists should be at the forefront of our discussion.


No soul deserves to live to die.  Art is the journey in between.  The journey to broaden the mind, and cells of our existence.

Imagine the power that can be projected to society when two or more artists collaborate to achieve enlightenment, alteration, inspiration for the sake of it and not the meaningless pursuit of money.

Believe more than six impossible things each day.

What if artists are able to create for the sake of creating

and            not         for            money

What if people knew what real art is, real music, Not a cash corrupted version of what art is.

What if an entire generation could be uplifted by real art






What if artists are not the ones who starve but the money wolves who make the entire world starve

What if art could fill the slits of hunger in the world

What if art could save this world, and make it believe in itself again…?

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